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April 2015

Jay Macias is April’s STAR winner!! Jay CNA, has a true gift of caring for people. His welcoming approach and calming demeanor provides Guests with a comforting stay while transitioning from rehab to home. Jay always keeps his cool, even during stressful situations and will lend an ear to Guests in need. Staff appreciate Jay’s team mentality while guests benefit from the thoroughness in his work. Thank you Jay for the care you provide at Wellsprings!


March 2015

March’s Star Winner is Matt Vaia, PT. Matt brings knowledge, compassion, and experience to the Wellsprings Therapy Team. Guests love Matt because he takes the time to teach each exercise while clearly explaining the benefits they’ll receive. His trust worthy attitude combined with a keen understanding of rehabilitation, greatly increases our Guests satisfaction and their speedy recovery. Matt is the prime example of a STAR employee!


February 2015

Rociel Kessinger CNA, is February’s STAR winner!! Rociel is one of Wellsprings hardest working employees! She is always quick to help out and does so with a big smile. Rociel understands each and every one of her Guests and often anticipates their needs. She is a problem solver and excellent team player. Employees and Guests agree that Rociel is a rockstar, thank you Rociel for all that you do!


January 2015

January’s STAR winner is Brittany! Brittany defines the word team player! She serves as our receptionist, admissions backup, and much MUCH more. She is willing to help out every department but more importantly she’s the first person to warmly greet our guests and family members. Brittany strengths revolve around her ability to problem solve, quickly responding to our guest’s needs. Thank you Brittany for your teamwork, you are a valuable asset to Wellsprings!


December 2014

Jill, in dietary services, is December’s STAR winner!! Both Guest’s and staff would agree that Jill is one of the most positive and friendly employees at Wellsprings. Jill’s upbeat attitude brings a welcoming good morning to all of our guests at breakfast. Her hard work ethic combined with her compassionate attitude truly makes her a shining STAR employee. Thank you Jill for your excellent customer service and caring heart.


Annual 2014

Stephanie Pishos is our 2014 Annual STAR Winner! Stephanie is a shining example of what a STAR employee exemplifies! Stephanie, Occupational Therapist and our November Star Winner provides outstanding customer service to all of our guests, vendors, physicians, coworkers and anyone who has come in contact with her. Throughout the year Stephanie has taken the lead of the therapy department to help cover when needed. While working with our Guests, Stephanie clearly explains why and how each exercise is beneficial. She takes the extra time to learn about the Guest and it shows in the care she provides. Stephanie goes the extra mile by helping out the nursing staff and giving our Guests the best possible experience. You can always find a smile on Stephanie’s face, whether she’s showing her team spirit by dressing up on holidays or in our rehab pool working with guests. Thank you Stephanie for going beyond the daily requirements and helping make Wellsprings great!


Enrichment Award

Our Enrichment Award this year went to Samantha Palaoro. Sam came to us as our front receptionist and her warm smile captured us all. She worked very diligently in her tasks and quickly was moved up to the position of admission assistant. During this time she balanced her professional life and her personal life all while being a mother and obtaining her CNA certification. We are delighted to have to her now in our nursing department as a CNA. She exemplifies the enrichment persona we admire at Wellsprings.


November 2014

Stephanie, Occupational Therapist, is Wellsprings November STAR Winner! Stephanie’s go-getter attitude has been a huge asset for Guest recovery and staff success. Her upbeat attitude combined with her extensive therapeutic knowledge makes her a perfect fit at Wellsprings. Stephanie succeeds at building confidence within our guests while keeping them motivated throughout their rehabilitative stay. Thank you Stephanie for being such a rockstar team player!


October 2014

Cassie, CNA, is Octobers STAR Winner! Cassie defines the word teamwork, she’s always stepping up to help her coworkers and provide the best possible service to our Guests. Her warm smile and friendly laugh will quickly make Guests feel better. Originally a PRN staff member, Cassie is now full time during some of our busiest shifts. We are thankful for the care she provides and the fresh ideas she brings to Wellsprings.


September 2014

Stacey is Wellsprings September STAR Winner!! Stacey, a very experienced nurse is easily one of the friendliest employees at Wellsprings and in all of Healthcare! She is always willing to help out coworkers or Guests no matter the task at hand. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our weekend team and her personality is a joy to be around. Thank you Stacey for your out of this world service.


August 2014

Brittany, RN, is August’s STAR employee. Brittany’s knowledge and leadership skills are exemplified through her interactions with Guests and coworkers. Brittany is a great listener and is always looking for a solution to our Guest’s needs. She is very polite and works diligently with a smile and calm demeanor. Thank you Brittany for going above and beyond, we are proud to have you on the Wellsprings team.


July 2014

Kirsten, or Kiki as staff and guests know her by, is July’s STAR winner. Kirsten-CNA, is a great example of a team player who consistently goes out of her way to help others. She is always willing to assist fellow coworkers and she does this with a smile. Guests and families rave about her hard work and excellent customer service. Kiki makes it a point to learn more about each Guest to make their experience more enjoyable. We are delighted to have Kirsten as July’s STAR winner.


June 2014

Eric Smith, LPN is the STAR winner for June. Eric is a favorite nurse among our guests and staff because of his warm personality. He is always willing to help out a fellow nurse or lend a hand to the CNA’s. When Eric has down time he can be found sitting with guests, sharing laughs and learning more about them. Thank you Eric for your hard work and STAR spirit!!


May 2014

Michael Gray is a seasoned CNA who has shown much dedication to Wellsprings, their Guests and his coworkers. Michael is always there to help with Guests needs and has been quick to help during unexpected emergency situations. He also brought Wuji Wellness to our facility to teach staff stress reduction strategies. Thank you Michael for going above and beyond!


April 2014

Rebecca Fox is Wellsprings’ April STAR winner! Rebecca is a very talented CNA who provides excellent customer service to everyone she encounters. While being one of our newest members of the team, Rebecca has truly embraced the power of teamwork. The staff and Guests appreciate her caring smile and warm personality. She is quick to answer a call light and to assist a fellow coworker. Thank you Rebecca for everything you do!


March 2014

Renee Frary, a night nurse, exemplifies the definition of a STAR winner. Renee a more seasoned nurse has the challenge of treating Guests throughout the late hours. She is very diligent with her work, leaving detailed notes for the oncoming shifts while also providing quality compassionate care to our Guests. Wellsprings is in great hands knowing we have such a strong evening staff, led by STAR employees like Renee.


February 2014

Greysy Camacho-Lopez is the February STAR winner! Greysy, a member of our housekeeping team consistently provides excellent service to our Guests and Employees. She is very diligent with her work, providing quick and precise service and always with a smile. Greysy’s hard work is the reason why Wellsprings has such a clean and beautiful environment. Guests appreciate her friendliness and we are thankful to have her on our team!


January 2014

Wellsprings is proud to have Treva Hughes as our January STAR winner! Treva is a very hardworking passionate CNA, who loves what she does. While working full time, Treva is also attending Nursing School. She takes much pride in her work which is shown through her interactions with our Guests. Thank you Treva for being such an important asset to our team!


December 2013

Nikki Rizzi is Decembers STAR winner! Nikki is veteran CNA of Wellsprings and has been a leader for our new CNA’s. She is a great initiator who is eager to learn and receive continuous training. Nikki has a willing to teach and families are very appreciated of the care she provides to their loved one. Thank you Nikki for being a Rockstar at Wellsprings!


2013 Annual Winner

Sam Turk, CNA is the Annual STAR winner. This particular individual has exhibited her work ethic throughout this year not only to Wellsprings but to the guests she takes care of and the colleagues she inspires. The care that she performs comes with a heartfelt smile and a gentle touch from the moment she greets them as they enter the building to the farewell that is exchanged as she assists them into their car. Her dedication to her job is exemplified in her prompt and dependable attendance and her willingness to be cross-trained in other departments, always willing to go above and beyond. Her colleagues look up to her for motivation, education and leadership. Samantha Turk embodies Wellsprings image of an exceptional team member and we’d like to thank her for doing her part in moving us forward to “next generation” in healthcare.


November 2013

Sam Turk, CNA and Novembers STAR winner has portrayed leadership qualities ever since she started working here almost a year ago. Her ability to make quick decisions on the floor combined with her hard work ethic and dependability make her invaluable to Wellsprings. Her energizing personality is felt when conversing with Guests and coworkers and shown with her attentiveness as a CNA. Thank you Sam for being a STAR!


October 2013

If one has ever called or walked into Wellsprings, they’ll recognize the friendly voice of our October STAR winner, Samantha Palaoro. Whether she’s greeting a Guest with a sincere smile, answering questions or helping with directions, Sam does this all with kindness. Sam wears many hats at Wellsprings, besides welcoming everyone into our facility she helps out in every department. She is a quick learner and is always looking to make ones job easier. Thank you Sam!


September 2013

Karla Villa Preciado, CNA, is the September STAR winner! Karla plays a huge role in the success of Wellsprings. Her work ethic and optimistic personality truly set her apart. It is impossible to find Karla without a smile, something our Guests and co-workers greatly appreciate. No matter how difficult a task may be, Karla is ready for the challenge. She is always willing to go the extra mile while doing so with a great attitude. Congratulations and Thank you Karla!


August 2013

Ana Valencia, environmental services, housekeeping, and customer service specialist defines the word All-star! She has many tough responsibilities but moves quickly and gracefully, accomplishing all of her daily tasks and more. Our Guests and Staff both appreciate the warm smile and welcome they receive whenever they are greeted by Ana. Our beautiful facility, with a fresh scent and clean appearance is a direct result from Ana’s diligence. Thank you so much for your hard work and friendly demeanor.


July 2013

Jillian Kossel is the July employee winner! Jillian, CNA exemplifies ambition and hard work. CNA’s have one of the most strenuous jobs in healthcare, lifting and transferring Guests, feeding and bathing, and coping with the sick. Despite these hardships Jillian always maintains a positive attitude with a warm smile. Her coworkers can attest that she is willing to help with whatever possible, while going the extra mile for a Guest and their family. We thank you Jillian for your dedication to Wellsprings and the warmth you provide to our Guests


June 2013

Josh Peterson

Josh Peterson is Wellsprings of Gilbert’s second “STAR” employee winner! Josh, LPN is a key asset to our nursing department as well as our entire team. He is always willing to take extra time to meet with Guests or family members to make them feel welcomed. Josh frequently is giving tours, setting up transportation, and going above and beyond to help Wellsprings succeed. We thank Josh for his hard work and his compassionate heart that he shares with everyone he encounters. Thanks Josh!


May 2013


We are pleased to announce that Daniel Ward is our first STAR employee winner. Daniel, an environmental services employee has worked at Wellsprings for over a year. On top of keeping our facility well maintained, Daniel attends college in pursuit of a career in Computer Technologies. He has been a key factor in implementing our new fire disaster drill as well as helping solve both Guests and employees challenges. Daniel deserves to be our first STAR employee; he provides outstanding customer service and always with a smile. Thanks Daniel!