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The success of any therapy center is determined by patient outcome, physical as well as emotional.  At Wellsprings Therapy Centers we are committed to patient care and strive to exceed expectations.  Each facility strives to become first choice for rehabilitation services and patient healing. Here is what former guests have to say about their experience at Wellsprings. 

Professional Therapy Team

“My transition from the hospital to Wellsprings was smooth; but my first night was a bit rough. However, the nursing staff made me feel comfortable and secure. 
Working with the same Therapists regularly throughout my stay really allowed a kind of camaraderie develop during therapy sessions. I had limited range of motion in the beginning and the Therapists were very creative with my exercises at that time. The portion control for meals also worked well for me. In addition to the meals, snacks were offered regularly and available any time I would request an item..“
Pat M. 

Better Personal Care

“After our tour at Wellsprings, my daughter and I knew it was where Pat should be for his rehab. The nurses were wonderful. One nurse even stopped in on her day off to see Pat after he had an outpatient service at the hospital. 
We both have experienced 1-1/2 years of some serious health issues which has been fatiguing for us as a couple. With Pat at Wellsprings for his care I was able to rest comfortably at home. I visited regularly but didn’t have to be there all the time. This ultimately was a benefit to us both. I feel because the place is more intimate it lends itself to more personal care. We have already recommended Wellsprings to friends and neighbors.“
Debbie M. 

Great Experience

“I thought everyone was great at Wellsprings. I never wanted for anything. The staff was always there when I needed them and sometimes they recognized my needs before I asked for any assistance.
If I am in need of rehab services in the future, there would be no hesitation returning to Wellsprings.“
George D. 

Quality of Care

“I couldn’t have asked for better care than I received at Wellsprings. I was admitted for therapy services after knee surgery. During my stay, one of the nurses identified a concurrent condition that was taking place and brought it to the attention of my physician. It was something unexpected. Both issues were now being addressed. The staff was also emotionally supportive to me through a very difficult time. Everyone was wonderful. The therapists were consistent and patient during sessions where they continued to encourage and challenge me daily. I actually stop by now and then to visit the place and say hello to staff, especially my two favorite nurses, Tomika and Josh. I am thankful for where I am today. I know it is because of the quality of care I received at Wellsprings.“
Dick H.

First Patient, we called her “Queen Bee”

“I am sad today to say good-bye to Wellsprings of Gilbert. I have been here for three weeks and I would say the therapy center is 5 stars!!!  It’s beautiful, very comfortable and everyone is thoughtful, helpful, and friendly. The care I received was outstanding.”
Queen Bee, Phyllis S.

Thank You

“My mother has been here for just over 24 hours and already she is perking up.  Mom is 86 and this is the first time she has needed medical care since her last baby was born. This experience was traumatic for her and for the family.   The hospital gave me a list of over 50 rehab facilities and it was daunting. The nurse at the hospital recommended Wellsprings and boy was I glad she did.   My husband and I were diligent and looked at over 8 facilities.  Wellsprings clearly stood out as the Ritz.  It’s one thing to have a fabulous looking facility but it’s another to deliver the level of professional health care, physical therapy and emotional care needed for a quick recovery and we felt those needs were met.

Mom was extremely nervous to have to move to a temporary place for therapy.  We were met at the door at 5:30 pm on a Sunday which was extremely nice.  Upon check in, the nurse asked her about her DNR wishes. “Now Mrs. M, if you were to have heart failure do you want us to perform CPR and attempt to resuscitate you?  Mom replied “no, that’s okay; I’m ready to go to heaven”.  Her answer was confirmed and then she paused, looked around and said, “this place is really nice, you had better resuscitate me.  A big thanks to you and your staff for making a hard situation very manageable.” 
Kate P.
Daughter of Margaret M. 

Freedom Without Pain

“After having a hip replacement my husband had to find me a rehab center.  He visited Wellsprings and said this is the place for my wife.  I was greeted by staff, professional and friendly.  The next morning I started rehab and I found what heaven felt like, a warm pool, where exercises didn’t hurt.  I remember the first steps without my walker, freedom without pain. I was excited and from there I had a positive attitude toward my goal to go home.  The support of the staff, doctors that care, and the healing environment of this building made my recovery a good experience.”  
Thank you Wellsprings!  
Judy B 

Personal Relationships

“Your staff was so dedicated to respond to my ongoing calls for care.  I observed how they never wasted time, constantly tending to every patient with love and care.  I can still see each of them in my mind, and by the time I left, felt I had established a kind of personal relationship with each one. The room dedicated to therapy is beautiful and wide open for many patients to be able to exercise. Your therapist, Beth encouraged me as I began the exercises needed to build strength and flexibility to my newly installed right knee. She always had the sweetest smile and I looked forward to her coming to get me each afternoon. Donna went out of her way to plan a wedding anniversary surprise lunch for my husband and me to share.  I have spoken to many people about the beautiful facility and the excellent care you provided.  Again, I greatly appreciated Wellsprings!”
Nancy H. 

 “Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave me the two weeks I spent with you.  I appreciate the tender way of keeping me in line and not getting ahead of my ability to recover in a safe manner.  The Wellsprings therapy Center is a beautiful facility but without the professional and compassionate staff it would be just another pretty place.  Thank you for all the fond memories!”

 “Thank you for the love and care shown to me during my stay at Wellsprings.  You were all angels and I thank you for the care you provided.”  
Martha M 

 “I wanted to let you know I was thinking of Wellsprings today.  How lucky I was to have found a wonderful Rehab facility like Wellspring.  The staff and nurses were all so great to me. Thank you.”
Ruby W.


“Thank you so much for all the great care you gave Glenn while at your facility.  Everyone from the doctors to the nursing staff, dietary, physical and occupational therapy were just super.  We can’t thank you enough for the great care.  We all felt like family.” 
Glen and Elaine H.