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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who goes to a Wellsprings Therapy Center?

  • Patients discharged from a Hospital or Surgery Center stable buy not yet able to go home.
  • Types of procedures may include Orthopedic procedures i.e. knee or hip replacement, Cardiac procedures, Pulmonologist procedures, Neurological procedures, or suffering from Sepsis (infections)

2. What can I expect to experience if Wellsprings is my rehabilitation facility?

  • A warm friendly staff combined with an inviting environment for patients, family and friends.
  • Skilled professional nursing staff.
  • Motivation throughout your recovery process. Here at Wellsprings we understand recovery is hard work.
  • Daily activities providing social support.

3. How is it paid for?

  • Government insurance like Medicare.
  • Private insurance where approved.
  • Private pay.
  • Select managed care plans.

4. What services are offered?

  • Physical Therapy, strength, balance, mobility, flexibility.
  • Occupational Therapy includes activities geared towards daily living.
  • Outside Therapy garden
  • Speech Therapy
  • Skilled Nursing Services

5. Will I have my own room?

  • Dignity of each patient is important for comfort and recovery
  • Private room - lounge chair.
  • Private bath.

6. What services are offered to patients, family and friends?

  • Dining, Bistro.
  • Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • Gathering areas with TV.
  • Library available for personal family gatherings.

7. What Spa services are offered?

  • Personal hair care and grooming.
  • Massage, where medically appropriate.
  • Facials.
  • Treatments, manicures, facial waxing.

8. Why a pool?

  • Accelerate recovery.
  • Decrease pain and swelling.
  • Weight bearing.
  • Flexibility.
  • Relaxation.

9. Why is it aquatic therapy?

  • Therapy delivered in a pool environment.
  • Therapist design personalized treatments following Doctor's orders to speed recovery.
  • Video capture technology to monitor progress
  • Physical activiity to improve balance, strength, and flexibility in an environment that is safe and comfortable.

10. What will I wear? During therapy? In the pool?

  • Clothing worn at home is appropriate during therapy, as well as everyday attire.
  • In the pool a swimsuit is appropriate. Bring from home.

11. How do I find a location?

  • Go to our website.
  • Referral from a Hospital or Doctor.

12. How long can I stay?

  • As long as medically appropriate.
  • Up to 100 days.

13. How long does the typical patient stay?

  • Typical patient will stay 20 to 25 days.
  • Shorter or longer stays will depend on the medical treatment received prior to coming to Wellsprings and how quickly each individual responds to therapy and medical treatments.

14. Is it a Hospital?

  • We are classified as a skilled nursing facility.
  • We are a Rehabilitative facility with short term stay. We discharge to home, assisted living, group home, etc.

15. What state of the art medical technology does Wellsprings employ to help my healing process?

  • Pool with "river" water flow and built in work stations.
  • Video capture technology that allows instant feedback and the ability to prove progress.
  • Software technology that allows instant capture of information and the ability to share the information amount the team of medical professionals instantly as appropriate.
  • Anti-Gravity treadmill which provides a weightless approach to rehabilitation allowing patients the ability to start therapy sooner.
  • Individual time spent with highly trained therapists that personalize your therapy for a safe healthy recovery.

16. How will my Doctor find out how I'm doing?

  • Your Doctor can call and speak to you single point case manager.
  • Your therapist can make arrangements to provide video, pictures, measurement, etc. that will document progress.

17. Who will I, or my family, talk to about care and progress?

  • Each Patient is assigned a single point case manager.
  • This manager is a highly trained healthcare professional.
  • Each member of the Wellsprings team will coordinate information, charting, notes and documentation with the Manger.
  • The patient or family member knows that their assigned Single Point Case manager will have all the information up to date in a single location.
  • Any licensed healthcare provider on staff will be able to answer questions; however, the Case Manger will have access to all the information.

18. Who plans my treatment and therapy protocols?

  • The Patient's care is managed by a team operating under the direction of the physician for the best and most individualized care of the patient.
  • The Team will meet with the patient and their appropriate family members to coordinate the Doctor's orders, the Team's recommendations with the Patient's abilities and support at the time of admittance.
  • As needed the Case Manager and the team from Wellsprings will meet with the Patient and Family to adjust the plan as the Patient recovers.